REVIEW - SIR REG "A Sign of the Times" Heptown Records HTR057 (2011)

SIR REG "A Sign of the Times" Heptown Records HTR057 (2011)
Release date. November 25th, 2011
Running time: 42:07, 11 tracks

We have had to wait till the end of the year to get the new album by SIR REG. The Swedish band fronted by an Irishman was the great surprise of 2011. So I guess that every single Celtic punk fan was awaiting “A Sign of the Times” .

In fact, I was talking with a friend last week end and he asked me ”Is the new SIR REG CD really so good? Come on, I know you’re a fan, but try to find a weak point. “ I must admit that it has been impossible to find any. Maybe the two catchy songs that I love,“Living on the Moon” and “Frustration” , are close to “Drink Up Ya Sinners”, but not so good.

Apart from that, the album is perfect.The boys have been able to meet all the expectations and the guest musicians have made a fantastic contribution to the sound of the band. All the songs are excellent: between the opening track (an energetic song) to the last song ( a nice ballad) one can listen to Celtic punk numbers (“Dying to Rebel”, “Bolloxology”, “Living on the Moon”, “Frustation”) metal influenced songs ("This Country’s For Sale”, “I’ll Leave for New York”), Celtic pop-rock (“How the Hell Can You Sleep”, “Ah Just Leave Me Alone”) and an awesome ballad that I feel that Christy Moore is going to sing soon ("Far Away").

Which should be the next stop? A USA tour. This band deserves to be heard worldwide.


01 - A Sign of the Times 3:57
02 - Dying to Rebel 2:37
03 - How the Hell Can You Sleep? 4:17
04 - This Country's for Sale 4:45
05 - Far Away 4:59
06 - Bolloxology 2.25
07 - I'll Leave for New York 3:25
08 - Living on the Moon 2.44
05 - Ah Just Leave me Alone 2:58
10 - Frustration 4:03
11 - Dublin City 5:42

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Review by Kinksmarkham


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